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October 10th


Rachael Berguson, Author and CEO of KLEAR Digital

Speaking on: "CEO Profit Secrets: 25 Profit Secrets for CEOs and Teams" 

Rachael Berguson is the author of "CEO Profit Secrets: 25 Profit Secrets for CEOs and Teams" providing secrets from an industry leader to grow your business! With over 20 years of marketing and management experience, Rachael knows how to lead companies to success and sales growth!


Prior to forming a team to found KLEAR Digital, Rachael was the CEO of a company that had been twice listed on the Inc. 500. She has been responsible for overseeing over ¼ of a billion dollars in sales. While most 6th graders are dreaming of becoming firefighters, sports stars and teachers, Rachael had already decided she wanted to be a CEO.

Rachael is a strategic and visionary entrepreneur with extensive experience in advertising, executive management, leadership, and producing high-functioning teams with high employee engagement scores. One company she led had a 45-person call center as part of its 140-person staff.

When Rachael was 19 years old, she experienced her college graduation and earned a 4-year Bachelor’s degree. She later earned her MBA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln/ Gallup University. The program took place at various locations including Oxford University and Toyota’s Lean University.

Although males are more prevalent as CEOs, recent research suggests that companies headed by women perform well on average and some recent research even suggests that companies, Fortune 500 companies in particular, helmed by women outperform other companies on average.

Rachael’s talent in developing highly break-through marketing and market-changing strategies have helped companies all over the country grow their profit and develop highly engaged companies. Is your company ready to become the next Inc. 500 company?