Building Relationships.

“I would not be where I am today without the phenomenal women of Success in the City. This is a great organization dedicated to serving women business owners/executives building relationships first and foremost. ”

Wanda Alexis Alexander, CEO of Horizon INC.

Paving The Way!

An amazing organization that is paving the way for women-owned businesses to thrive!

— Kristie Whites, CEO of Serving Social, LLC.

New Cherished Friends.

“Success in the City has introduced me to so many fabulous women in such a short amount of time. Many have become strategic business partners, several have become clients, but best of all, I have found a treasure of new cherished friends. Thank you Success in the City!”

— Jennifer Abernathy, Author, Social Media Strategist, CEO of The Sales Lounge



Your new friends are waiting.

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