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Protecting Small Business: Jill Murphy, FBI Special Agent

Jill Murphy is an FBI Supervisory Special Agent overseeing counterintelligence investigations in the Austin FBI office.  She has over 20 years of investigative experience and public service.  Jill has worked in Organized Crime and National Security matters and deployed to places like Iraq, Indonesia, Algeria and Yemen.  She most recently served at FBI Headquarters on detail to the National Security Council at the White House.  Prior to joining the FBI, Jill was a police officer in Raleigh, North Carolina.

What our attendees learned:

It was amazing to learn about the FBI's interest in serving our nations entrepreneurs and how American businesses are protected nationally and internationally.  Jill shared with us the following questions that entrepreneurs should ask potential investors:

*       Who are you?  Tell me about yourself (give them a chance to pitch you)
*       What experience do you have as an entrepreneur in this industry?
*       What experience do you have as an early stage investor?
*       Tell me about your investment organization?  (LLC, LLP, Inc, S-Corp, sole proprietor)
*       Investment structure?
*       Who else is part of your investment organization? What is their background / expertise?
*       Can you tell me about a few of your investments which are successful? Unsuccessful? Other startups?
*       Following an investment, what kind of role would you play in this startup?
*       What sectors are you interested in?
*       What are your key terms of investment?  Can you give me a sample term sheet?
*       How do you invest with others? Would you object to investing alongside others?
*       Who is your legal counsel?
*       Where do you bank?  How long have you been there?


Kristie Whites on Marketing Made Simple

Kristie Whites is a brand and marketing strategist, philanthropist, and national speaker. Looking to create social impact in the world, Kristie started Serving Social, LLC whose mission is to show businesses that marketing can be simple when you’re provided the right tools and resources.  Currently you can find Kristie and her partner in life and business, Elijah Whites venturing out on the road with their Serving Social offshoot, The Traveling Marketers Roadshow. They’ll be bringing marketing tools and resources directly to business owners across the country in an effort to spread their knowledge beyond urban centers and to build, connect, and grow communities across America.