Why Success in the City?


  • Like you, we like style, sass, and class. We're creative, bold, innovative, and anything but ordinary!
  • Socialize in sophistication
  • Enjoy personal and professional support from peers
  • Celebrate your successes with women who "get it"
  • Thrive in an environment where friendships are fostered


  • Gain exclusive access to extraordinary women leaders
  • Attend unique, compelling, unconventional networking events
  • Open doors through our quarterly pitch opportunities
  • Sponsor an event to get your name in front of women with purchasing power
  • Close bigger deals and get more referrals by sowing the seeds of trust
SuccessintheCity Luncheon

Professional Development

  • Learn from women leaders who have "been there, done that"
  • Discover new ways to approach old problems
  • Align with other women leaders in your industry
  • Reach out and mentor someone
  • Get outside your comfort zone and experience something new


  • Who likes to be spammed? Not us! That's why we have a strict no-solicitation policy
  • We encourage non-aggressive sales behavior – a business card does not a relationship make


  • Unwind, have fun, and blow off some steam while you build your business
  • Step into a safe haven away from being overworked and overstressed