About Success In the City

Success In The City is here to help you grow and accelerate your business. We love supporting women-led businesses and women's organizations in elevating women, helping them to build a pipeline of business mentors, access to capital, resources and solutions that leads to new customers, networks, deal-makers and connections with other successful women! 

Join the success movement for women in every town, city and village around the globe!  We value your ideas and want your feedback! Align with our mission and become part of a supportive community where we ask our attendees in joining with us  and sharing their ideas how together we make significant path-breaking change happen because it's not "I" alone it's "us" together!

Be seen. Be heard. Be One!

The Instigators

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Cynthia de Lorenzi, Founder

Cynthia is a TEDx Women and international motivational speaker, expert interviewer and moderator, co-author and social media expert and consultant, producer, artist, and futurist who likes to refer to herself as a serial entrepreneur and social commentator on the status of women in our world and their impact on our culture and economy today. Cynthia’s   passion for empowering others and the principle of paying-it-forward is a driving force for Success In The City and Enable Women.

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Caroline Alexander, CEO

Caroline is a serial entrepreneur and USAF veteran with over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in the health services industry in Washington, D.C. and is featured in the book "The Best of D.C." along side many prominent Washingtonians.

As the CEO of SITC, she is a passionate change agent focused on driving innovative business strategies and process improvements for women-owned businesses to access technology and capital so they can achieve their business goals.

I would not be where I am today without the phenomenal women of Success in the City. This is a great organization dedicated to serving women business owners/executives building relationships first and foremost.
— Wanda Alexis Alexander, CEO of Horizon Inc.

Kristie Whites, Advisor

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Elijah Whites, Advisor