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Since the very first event we hosted in 2004 we have experienced explosive growth, beyond what we could possibly have imagined. We recognized that it was time to take a step back and divine what the future for our exceptional community of women should be. Social media, cultural shifts in the way women are influencing business, information overflow and knowledge has been changing rapidly and our desire is to ALWAYS stay on the cutting edge and stay in advance of future trends we see emerging. We believe that it is important to ensure that we are not only aligned with those changes but forecasting with a futuristic lens where we should be guiding, influencing, trending and leading.
We have chosen to focus on delivering informative, compelling cutting edge programming and that will focus on social media for business growth and breakthrough leadership programming designed to enrich and enhance your personal and professional growth. We are developing programming based on the latest research and science, from neuroscience, to applying the principles of kinetic learning and even quantum physics to help you make big leaps in personal and professional growth.
We have even added consulting to our offerings by developing social media training on new platforms like Google+.
While this may sound like rocket science, don't worry, it is anything but. We still want to be your secret intersection for forming high level friendships and relationships that shorten the deal cycle. We  know that is the desire to achieve and excel in all aspects of life that attracts the extraordinary to our community.
Bottom line we are dedicated to delivering greater value with even more meaningful programming not only here in our local region but expand that conversation and service around the world.

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