About Us

What you need to know:

Success in the City (SITC) is an executive women’s organization for smart, unique, and driven women.  We are a community focused on celebrating women's success and accomplishments and providing a rich network of shared experiences, and professional resources.  A SITC woman has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and seeks to cultivate community, share wisdom, and foster knowledge with other accomplished women.


Where we are today:

Today, Success in the City is comprised of some of the most influential women business leaders in the Metro D.C. Area and beyond.  With a dedicated membership, we have established a place where friendships come first, business booms, and laughter is always in style.


Our Vision:

The shared vision of the SITC executive team is for SITC ‘to be a life-changing global business and foundation, to quickly shift power, knowledge and economic strength into the hands of women - and bridge the gender divide’.

‘Despite modest improvements since 2012, women are still underrepresented at every level in the corporate pipeline, and the disparity is greatest in senior leadership.’

McKinsey, 2015 Women in the Workplace Report


Exciting developments at SITC

Success in the City is now planning to take our offering to a whole new level. We want to address the needs for women to have greater access to technology, knowledge and capital to accelerate your advances in your enterprize.


How all this started:

It started as a one-time, over-the-top event; a farewell to the show that defined sass and style, HBO's "Sex and the City." But, there was one rule required in order to attend – wear red lipstick and stilettos. As 70 of Washington's women wandered upstairs to the luxurious Tower Club, something special started to happen. Laughs became more boisterous, stories became more intimate, and sincere friendships started to form. By the time the evening ended, every attendee pleaded with the organizer, Cynthia de Lorenzi, for more.

So, Cynthia took her Texan "bigger is better" attitude and began organizing razzle-dazzle events all over the D.C. area. Within a year, it was clear – women not only wanted, but needed a place where they could express their fabulousness. Those initial friendships that formed started turning into big business deals. And again, attendees started begging for more.

The uniqueness of Success in the City has not gone unnoticed since it launched as a bona fide member organization in 2008. The Washington Post called Success in the City The Pink Collar Network. Since the launch of Success in the City in 2008, the organization has grown to more than 4,000 avid followers and is looking forward to launching chapters in cities across the U.S. and even internationally in the coming years.

Today, Success in the City is comprised of some of the most influential business leaders in the Metro D.C. Area. We have laid claim as a place where friendships come first, business booms, and fun is always in style.



email us at info@successinthecity.org


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